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16.12.2014 07:23
2015年欧元:QE or not QE?
Weak perspective of long-term price stability in combination with low rate of Eurozone economic growth requires ECB's final decision with regard to implementation of large-scale QE program. Reevaluation of the regulator's corresponding measures is planned as early as in the 1st quarter of 2015. Anyw... 阅读更多
09.12.2014 08:34
The NFP that passed is trying to persuade the market that US dollar is still powerful. Even against the background of rate revision back in April 2015 hardly anyone could imagine such a strong growth of labor market information. Farm payrolls dynamics until November sent signals with regard to slowi... 阅读更多
02.12.2014 07:05
Present day market of oil prices that collapsed demonstrates the situation when even a very strong local foundation is not able to protect from deterioration of foreign trade, decline of export, slowing down of inflation or GDP growth. The currencies of countries that are net importers are becoming ... 阅读更多
24.11.2014 07:45
In present-day conditions, any currency tries to become weaker against dollar, thus hoping to avoid deflation. Pound also supports that tendency. Besides that fact that the current statistics and the Bank of England meeting protocols did not add light in the obscure issue regarding rate increase dat... 阅读更多
18.11.2014 07:59
There is an opinion that Switzerland is quite well off for its franc to be the guaranteed reserve currency. The country is the largest external creditor, which puts the national economy into multidimensional dependence on the reliability of such ties. The upcoming "gold" referendum organized in orde... 阅读更多