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09.10.2017 12:00
贪图NFP: 危险和无用。没有受害者。
May and Brexit under mutual threat; euro has endured one more week of political failures. The NFP components contradict each other and force to doubt correctness of the calculation. Optimism on unexpected decline in unemployment was quickly enough compensated by reduction of number of job... 阅读更多
02.10.2017 11:00
Trump promises, Japan – reforms, investors – doubt, and therefore buy up gold and oil. Oil has updated a 9-month maximum thanks to increasing demand for gasoline, falling of world reserves of oil (especially in the USA) and also because of increase in efficiency of the agreement of OPEK+.... 阅读更多
25.09.2017 11:00
For the first time May has suggested paying for maintenance of commercial relations with the EU; Germany has again chosen «mummy» Merkel. Britain is ready to cover expenses on membership in the EU (€20 billion or $24 billion) up to two years after Brexit that is the most important point o... 阅读更多
18.09.2017 11:00
BOE has kept rates; North Korea threatens again and shoots; the USA counts losses and prepares in a meeting of FRS. The response of North Korea to the extension of economic sanctions, which covers about 90% of its export now, didn't become a shock for the market and has only for a while r... 阅读更多
11.09.2017 11:00
A new ceiling of a national debt and Gary Cohn struck off the candidate list on a post of the head of FRS tried to darken fear of the Korean hydrogen bomb. Fears of new nuclear tests by North Korea restricted appetite of investors to risk and led to falling of profitability of state trea... 阅读更多